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Names of Allah - Al Malik

Al Malik - The King and Owner of Dominion

Allah has three Names that are similar to Malik: Maleek and Maalik.

The meaning for all three names is: One who possesses the attribute of Mulk. What is Mulk? Kingdom, dominion, power, authority.

Mulk has three meanings:

Possession and ownership: "To Him belongs the Ownership of the heavens and earth" [Noble Quran 2:107]

Control and authority: "For you in the authority this day" [Noble Quran 40:29]

Ability and power: "They do not possess ability" [Noble Quran 13:16]

Words for the same root

Milaak: Milaak is used for marriage; where one person will have authority over the other. The husband does not own her but he has a degree above her.

Maalik: Maalik is used for an owner, when they possess something.

Malik: Malik is used for a king, he possesses and has authority.

These three Names show different levels of authority, power and ownership.

Malik is the One who executes His command in His possession. Every malik (king) is not able to execute their Amr (will). Malik is the one who owns and also has authority and command. The one to whom the Amr (commanding) and Nahy (forbidding) belong too. Only Allah has the power to command and forbid, He has the action and the word (Kun, fa Yakun - be and it is). According to ibn Qayyim, Malik is the One who rules by His words, command and the One who gives the Hukm (ruling).

Proof of these Names

Al Malik: appears eleven times in the Quran times and out of those eleven, five times it was used for Allah. For example, Allah says:

Then High above all be Allah, the True King. [Noble Quran 20:114]

Al-Malik: Used once in the Quran, the righteous will be:

In a seat of truth, near the Omnipotent King. [Noble Quran 54:55]

Al-Maalik: This Name is not mentioned in the Quran, but it is used in a supplication in Bukhari which states: La Maalik illa Allah, There is no King except for Allah.

Malik and Maleek have the similar meanings, Sovereign, King. The different one is Maalik. What is the difference between Malik and Maalik? Maalik is the owner, and Malik is the one who owns and executes his command. For example, one can be a maalik of their house but they cannot control how much the bills are. Al Malik is the One with Supreme Authority whose Command is executed.

Allah is The Malik, The Maalik and The Maleek, what does this mean?

It means Allah is One of Incomparable Greatness. No one is like Him in His Greatness, He is Al Malikul Haqq. He is the One who possesses the absolute disposal of affairs. He can command, make, and do whatever He Wants. It also means that Allah gives Mulk to whoever He wants, because Mulk belongs to Him.

What should we know about Allah from these names?

There is no Maalik except Allah

We learn this from the Hadith: 'La Maalik illa Allah' (there is no King except Allah) and from the Ayah 3:26:

'O Allah, Possessor of Sovereignty, You Give kingdom to Whom You will and take it away from whom You will!' He is Maalik al Mulk. In His Hand is the Power. [Noble Quran 3:26]

He does whatever He wants

'Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!' [Noble Quran 36:82]

He doesn't even have to explain the command, just 'be' and it is.

The kings and all the owners are humble in the sight of Allah and they are lower

No matter how great a king may be, like Dhul Qarnayn or Sulaiman (peace be upon him) - whether just or unjust, they are humbled and lowly compared to Allah. The unjust owners will be the worst on the Day of Judgment. Even the owners of animals will be punished if unjust (remember the story of the lady who owned the cat who did not feed it?).

This shows us that if a person is maalik in one way or another, they will be accountable for what he owns and what he is responsible for, but only Allah will not be accountable, He is the Just.

In a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari narrated by Abu Hurairah, Allah will hold the earth on the Day of Judgment and He will roll up the skies in His Right Hand and He will say, 'an al Malik', I am the King, 'Ayn Almuluk al Ardh?', where are the kings of the earth? No one will speak, because Allah is THE King on that day. All the kings of earth will be humbled on the Day of Judgment near Allah.

Prohibition of naming yourself great names

Only Allah is Al Malik, Maalik and Maleek. A Hadith in Sahih Bukhari states that the worst name near Allah on the Day of Judgment is one named: Maalikul Mulk, King of Kings. According to Ibn Hajr, he says: from this we learn it is Haram to name oneself or others with these names. It does not befit a human being to call oneself with this name.

We should be humble in front of The King

Anyone who realizes that Allah is Malikul Haqq, they can only be humbled in front of Allah, he will not raise himself above the level of an 'Abd (slave). He will consider himself as an 'Abd, which is why the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was called 'Abd many times in the Quran. Humility is not just in the heart, but also in a person's posture and body language.

Every Malik or owner/king has his own space

They have their own limitations that no one should trespass, or do anything that would degrade, insult or disrespect him or her in anyway. We learn this from a Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim (one of the 40 Hadith Nawawi), the Halal is clear and the Haram is clear... like the one who grazes his animals near the Hima'. (the Hima' is the grounds that a king has set aside only for his animals, the kings private property.)

Then the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, every king has a Hima' and the Hima' of Allah is what He has prohibited.

Hima' is well secured and almost sacred that none can come near it, that is why this translation uses "sanctuary". All of us in our roles in life have some level of authority or ownership over something or someone, and we have our own 'Hima' that we hold dear and sacred, that we protect and safeguard. Ask yourself: what is your Hima'? And to Allah belongs the Highest and Best example, Allah is THE Malik, and what is His Hima'? How would you react if someone trespassed YOUR Hima'? Just as it is disrespectful for someone to trespass your Hima', if we are committing Haram is disrespect to Allah -we as lowly slaves are trespassing His Hima', The King of Kings, and it does not befit a slave to disrespect his Master in any way. This teaches us that we must remain within our bounds. Remember, Allah is Al Malik, so we should remain as a servant near Allah and not do anything that He does not approve.

Supplications with these Names

There is a Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, whoever says:

La ilaha illa Allahu Wahdahu, la Sharika Lahu, Lahul Mulk, wa Lahul Hamdu, wa Huwa Ala' Kuli Shay'in Qadir.
'None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without partner, to Him belongs all sovereignty and praise, and He is over all things omnipotent.' 100 times he will receive the reward of freeing ten slaves.

There are many variations of this supplication that we learn from the Sunnah.

Allah knows best.

Khadejah Jones
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