sisters in Islam
pagkakataon na po natin na makapag-aral ONLINE
gamit po ang inyong YAHOO MESSENGER ay makakarinig na po kau ng napakagandang Islamic Lecture and Qur'an Reading, in sha Allah!
Alhamdulillah! binigyan tayo ng Allah ta'alah ng mga kagamitang magpapadali sa ating pag-aaral!
sa araw ng paghuhukom ay wala tayong excuse sa Allah kung bakit hindi nating na naisagawa ang ating pag-aaral!
magsama-sama po tayo mga sister sa pagpapaunlad ng ating kaalaman sa pananampalatayang Islam,.
buong mundo po ang makakasama natin dito kaya po English ang salitang gagamitin!

ito po ang buong ditalye ng activity!
jazakallah khair!
assalamu alaikum!

Class Introduction
Date: Sep 27,2009 In the name of Allah
Assalamu aalaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
Dear sister , it is our honor and pleasure to welcome you to Islam and join our classes
Our classes are offered daily free ONLINE classes with regular schedule in yahoo private conference.

1- Our class time :
1st class : 7 - 9 pm Egypt time ( 1:00-3:00 pm EST)
2nd class : 9- 11pm Egypt time ( 3:00pm -5:00 pm EST)
3rd class : 3:30 am -5:00 am Egypt time ( 9:30pm -11 pm EST)
4th class : 4 or 5am - 6:30am Egypt time ( 11pm - 12:00am EST)
** you may find Egypt time in this link in order to help u to know what is your time zone **

To know about Egypt time pls refer to following world time table converter link to find out your country timing

2- Our classes contains
Aqeedah & Tawheed
Islam History
Prophet story
Muslim manner
Quran tafseer ( further explanation to Quran verse meaning)
Quran recitation
Arabic letters - level one and level two
Arabic conversation -practical dialogues - that can help u to be able to talk to Arabs
Companion story
Islam & faith ( Basic belief)
Faith in Islam ( work on increasing your faith)
Islam Question and answer
Names of Allah
English class for non English speakers
Pillars of Islam
How to invite people to Islam ( Dawa skill)
Muslim duty (Learn how to pray )
Comparison religion
Companion story
** suspense now due to teacher is not available to give lesson, classes may open again soon**

3-Who are teaching?
Above lessons all conducted in English with the help of a group of pious good Arab teachers ( include 2 sheikhs) who work here just for the sake of Allah with their own expenses and timing, may Allah accept and reward them all with best ,ameen

4- How to join?
Check my status what class is currently on , if u r free to join, all you need is to download your yahoo messenger, and make sure u bring the microphone+ speaker ( headphone) to join us during the above stated time , and stay as regular learning , just pm the coordinator ( me and others) to invite u to join the class.

5- our coordinators team
Class main coordinator: sis Eman ( ID )
Assistant coordinators:
English speaker: (USA) Sis Mariam, Sis Maryam Noor
Spanish Speaker :( Central & South America) Sis Na7la, Sis Isabella
Romanian speaker :( East Europe) Sis Karema
Asian speaker :( Asia) Sis Faith
Give us your time and patience and stay with regular learning , we guarantee u will improve and be able to read Quran in Arabic
shall you have any further inquiry , do not hesitate to let me know

6-if you need free Quran copy or free islam books
Send your mailing postal address with your full name in return e-mail to , the Quran and other Islamic books will be mailed to you within 4-8 weeks.( in sha Allah )

May Allah guide us all on the right path , may Allah be the best help and guidance
May Allah grant us more patience and faith with correct guidance
May Allah increase our piety and knowledge
May Allah make all easy and successful for us in this life and hereafter life
ameen ya RAB
Jazaki Allahu khairan for your kind attention
Hope to see u soon in class fe aman Allah
your sisters in Islam

Work for hereafter

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